Outsourced Chief Investment Officer

Babylon Wealth Management provides Outsourced Chief Investment Officer services to Registered Investment Advisory firms, family offices, endowments and foundations, defined benefit plans, and other institutional clients. We offer highly customized portfolio management and investment strategy solutions to meet our clients’ unique objectives. Our mission is to partner up and understand your distinct investment circumstances and risk.


√ Delegate investment responsibilities to accelerate growth
√ Free up internal resources
√ Close the gap between assets and liabilities
√ Focus on core services and key stakeholders
√ Manage your unique investment risks and objectives
√ Access to bespoke and dedicated support

View our OCIO presentation to learn more about our services


Babylon Wealth Management provides “one-stop” investment management solutions tailored to your unique needs and objectives. You, our client, decide how to work with us. Through delegation of all or some investment decisions, your firm can continue to grow, focus on building client relationships, increase the scalability of your practice, boost your organizational flexibility, and significantly enhance the level of investment oversight and control.


  • Tailored asset allocation models
  • Risk-based and goal-based investing
  • Tax efficient and advanced income strategies
  • Active management, indexing, and smart beta

Real-time Management

  • Concierge level portfolio oversight
  • Portfolio Implementation and client onboarding
  • Rebalancing and tax loss harvesting
  • Investment due diligence and ongoing monitoring

Investment Expertise

  • Independent fiduciary advice
  • Robust risk management
  • Strategic partnership and commitment
  • Integrity and client focus


As fiduciaries, we make recommendations based on your unique circumstances, investment risk, and objectives. Our firm follows the principles of portfolio diversification, long-term investing horizon, quality selection, and risk-adjusted performance. We offer you a wide range of investment solutions including low-cost index funds, smart beta ETFs, mutual funds and individual investments in stocks and bonds.  We evaluate other external managers and investment funds based on a proprietary set of criteria.  When scanning for investment ideas our firm conducts deep dive due diligence, investment manager interviews, backtesting and risk modeling.

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