401k Retirement Planning

401k Retirement Planning

Babylon Wealth Management provides customized 401k retirement planning solutions to help you attract and retain top executives and employees. We offer sophisticated and unbiased investment and retirement plan advisory services alongside comprehensive fiduciary and compliance support.

401k retirement planning

What is a 401k Plan?

401k Plan is a tax-advantaged, defined contribution retirement plan that allows company employees to save and invest for their own retirement on a tax-deferred basis. Employers can also make optional tax-deductible matching contributions. 401k plans are a qualified retirement plan and are eligible for special tax benefits under the IRS guidelines. Both employees and employers can make tax-deferred contributions to the plan within income and contribution limits set by the IRS.

How can we help you?

Babylon Wealth Management serves all 401k plan sponsors regardless of the size of your firms. Whether you are running a start-up, a small family business or an established corporation, our corporate retirement plan solutions will help you navigate through the complex realm of employer-sponsored retirement plan.

We can work with your existing plan administrator. If you are looking for a change or want to start a new plan, we offer best-in-class low-cost 401k plans through our relationship with Vanguard Retirement Solutions

Our Service is tailored to your goals and business needs

Our mission is to provide you with a positive, productive and personalized experience. As your dedicated plan advisor, you can rely on our expertise to:

  • Find tailored solutions to meet your unique business needs – We believe that every client is unique, and therefore, we provide you with personalized solutions based on your business requirements.
  • Simplify and enhance your plan design – As you grow your business, your 401k plan design will evolve with it. We can help you redesign your plan so it can meet the needs of your company and workforce.
  • Meet your fiduciary obligations – Being a plan sponsor comes with a formidable fiduciary responsibility for your employer-sponsored retirement plan. You must manage your 401k plan to meet a complex array of regulatory rules and act in your plan participants’ best interests. As fiduciaries ourselves, we can work hard to find the best suitable options to meet your fiduciary obligations.
  • Engage your plan participants – As plan advisors, we can organize on-site employee workshops, enrollment meetings, webinars, and personalized employee education programs that can boost your employee participation in the 401k plan.
  • Simplify your plan administration – You need to run your business and need a trusted partner to help you manage and streamline the complexities of your 401k plan administration. We are here to make the process as easy and smooth as possible.
  • Maintain your Plan Investment Policy Statement (IPS) – We can help you create and update your 401k Plan investment policy statement in order to stay up to date with the dynamic changes of your industry, growing workforce, and evolving regulatory requirements. 
  • Examine and improve your investment selection – A robust and diversified investment selection is a building block for every successful 401k plan. Being investment advisory experts, we will review your current fund line-up and make recommendations according to your Investment Policy Statement and business and employee needs. We consistently evaluate the universe of fund managers using our proprietary due diligence methodology. If required, we can organize and conduct Investment Committee meetings and keep you up to date on our investment recommendations and all recent economic activity. 
  • Stay updated with all regulatory changes – With a trusted advisor in your corner you will have peace of mind on all legal and tax changes that can impact your plan administration and fiduciary obligations 
  • Offer discounted financial planning and wealth management services to your executives and employees – Along with our corporate retirement planning solutions, Babylon Wealth Management provides bespoke wealth management and financial planning services to individuals and families. We will be happy to offer your team discounted packages to our flagship services.

Defined Benefit Plans

Babylon Wealth Management provides customized advisory solutions for your defined benefit pension plans. We can help you navigate through the complex rules of establishing and maintaining a defined benefit plan.

What is a Defined Benefit Plan?

Defined Benefit Plans or Pension Plans is a qualified employer-sponsored retirement plan that offers a fixed, pre-established benefit for employees at retirement based on their age, years of service, salary, and seniority. Similarly to 401k plans, the contributions to defined benefit plans are eligible for preferential tax treatment under the RS and actuary guidelines.

Why using a defined benefit plan?

A defined benefit plan can be a compelling and powerful alternative for high earning business owners looking to save aggressively for retirement and lower their tax burden.

Although defined benefit plans have become less popular in the past 30 years, your employees will greatly appreciate the guaranteed benefit provided by this plan. From your perspective as a business owner and corporate executive, you can generally make higher tax-deductible annual contributions than the allowed limits in your 401k plans. Together, we can establish an effective plan design that meets your business and financial goals while significantly outweighs the cost of creating and maintaining the plan.

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