Retirement Calculator

How much money do you need to retire?

Find out how prepared you are with the retirement calculator below. You’ll get a good idea about where you’re at now and what needs to change to set you up for a great retirement.

Babylon Wealth Retirement Calculator

Where you're at now...

I am years old. I'd like to retire at .

My pre-tax income is .

I have a current savings of .

Every month I save % of my income.

I can retire on % of my current income.

Make some more adjustments

Assume an inflation rate of%.

Assume a yearly salary increase of%.

Assume a pre-retirement yearly return on savings of%.

Assume a post-retirement yearly withdrawal rate of%.

Assume monthly Social Security income of.

Where you'll be at retirement...

Your monthly income will be around ${{ formattedRetirementIncome }}, or ${{projectedIncomeTodaysDollars}} in today's dollars

You'd like a monthly income around ${{ formattedDesiredIncome }}, or ${{desiredIncomeTodaysDollars}} in today's dollars

So what does that mean for you?

If you keep going like this until retirement, your actual retirement income will be about what you'd like it to be.

{{ summaryMessage }}

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A few notes...

Our calculator predicts your retirement nest egg in today’s dollars, then shows how it would stretch over the years you plan to spend in retirement, taking inflation into account.

Make adjustments in the basic settings to reflect your current situation. Click “Make some more adjustments”  to adjust your expected investment rate of return before and after retirement, adjust inflation rate, adjust salary growth, and add what you expect to receive from Social Security each month.