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Navigating the market turmoil after the Coronavirus outbreak

Navigating the market turmoil after the Coronavirus outbreak

Here is how to navigate the market turmoil after the Coronavirus outbreak, the stock market crash, and bottom low bond yields. The longest bull market in history is officially over. Today the Dow Jones recorded its biggest daily loss since…

Market Outlook October 2019

market Outlook October 2019

Highlights: Economic Overview Equities US Equities had a volatile summer. Most indices are trading close to or below early July levels and only helped by dividends to reach a positive quarterly return. On July 27, 2019, S&P 500 closed at…

Market Outlook July 2019

Market Outlook July 2019

Breaking records So far 2019 has been the year of breaking records. We are officially in the longest economic expansion, which started in June of 2009. After the steep market selloff in December, the major US indices have recovered their…

Market Outlook 2019

2019 Market Outlook

Happy New Year to all! 2018 kept us on our toes. It seems that 2019 is promising to do the same. All major world indices posted declines in 2018. S&P 500 finished lower by -4.5%. While the small-cap S&P 600…

The December market meltdown explained

S&P 500 is down almost -16% so far in the last quarter of 2018. The market rout which started in October continued with a powerful selloff in December. The technology-heavy NASDAQ is down -20%, while the small-cap Russell 2000 dropped…

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